Take It From Me: Eileen is Set Free by Weight Watchers

December 9, 2013

Eileen is Set Free by Weight Watchers

Reading about people who conquered a big difficulty in their life, whether it is a health issue, a financial struggle, or a relationship challenge, increases our belief that we can overcome obstacles and realize goals, too. Here is how Eileen fought the battle of obesity with the help of Weight Watchers. For more reviews and information about Weight Watchers head over to Weightlosstriumph.com

For Eileen of Washington, being overweight seemed like a life sentence. Her mother recalls that Eileen’s troubles began when she was weaned off of breast milk and started to drink whole milk; a whole lot of it. The child was so large at this early age that she even had trouble crawling from place to place. It would seem like Eileen’s fate was written in the stars, and her mother feared for what the future would hold. The good news is that Weight Watchers ended up being the prescription for this difficult problem.
After years of yo-yo dieting Eileen came to Weight Watchers with a lot of determination and hope. She needed to be healthy for the first time in her life, so she diligently followed the program, said many prayers to God, and began to exercise like her life depended on it. Even in years past, exercise seemed to be no solution on its own. Eileen would reward herself for exercising by overeating, and this only made her gain weight. 
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Hitting her stride 
Eileen was losing some weight before Weight Watchers came into her life by sheer force of will. At her 10th year High School reunion, Eileen was awarded the “One Who Changed the Most”, with 30 pounds missing from her frame. But even with this promising success, Eileen would often get discouraged and stressed. The pressure to keep losing weight haunted her. Whenever she had a bad week she would be even more determined to pull herself together the following week, but this determination was taking its toll on her wellbeing. 

Eileen knew it was finally time to give up yo-yo dieting and follow a plan that gave her peace of mind and alleviated the stress. That’s when she came upon KimBensen.com, where she could get the one-on-one support that was really called for. For the first time in her life, Eileen was working on the truly deep issues that had been holding her back for years. She had a solid, Weight Watchers program to follow, and the support of like minded people who encouraged her every step of the way. Now Kim was hitting her stride. 

Goal: Accomplished
Eileen went on to lose a whopping 43 pounds on the Weight Watchers program. With this new found confidence, Eileen travels the world and feels light as a feather. She is a big advocate for exercise and engages in Water Aerobics, spinning and yoga on a regular basis. All of this, and Eileen just happens to be 62 years young. This shows that no matter what age you are or how overweight, with a solid program you can begin to turn it all around in record time, and without the stress. 

For Eileen, the greatest lesson was that yo-yo dieting simply doesn’t work in the long run, and can actually increase your weight overtime because of the effects of stress. For Eileen, it’s a whole new frontier ahead.

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