Take It From Me: Our Family Van

November 16, 2013

Our Family Van

I remember when I was young and our big, old, red family van that only had one back side window.  Being the only girl, I got my way perhaps too often and somehow managed to get the back seat by the window quite often… but not without a fight I may add. My littlest brother and I always argued over who got to sit by the window, and I can imagine how frustrated my parents got! 
They finally decided to sell our big, red, van and purchase a new vehicle for our family. This was a great decision! My parents were able to find a used white GMC van that was only a couple of years old for a great price, and we had this van for as long as I can remember.  It had windows on all sides (no more fighting over the window seat!), and fit eight people when we needed it! We would go away for a month in the summer to my cabin and had to bring everything with us, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING! With six people in my family, there wasn't that much room for all of us, plus luggage and 3 1/2 weeks of food, but somehow our van fit it all! 

We then went away in the winter for a couple of weeks and went skiing. This too was a packed trip because we had all six of us (plus we would bring an extra person occasionally, don't ask how we managed that!), our luggage and of six pairs of skis and snowboards. With no roof rack, we fit this all all in our van! 

We had so much fun on all of our family trips and I have so many fond memories that I will always cherish. If it wasn't for the car dealer ship, such as Anthony GM of IL, and the incredibly great price we were able to get for our van, we would not have been able to do all of these amazing trips.

What was your family vehicle when you were a kid?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, however, these are my own opinions and yours may vary.

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