Take It From Me: 2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GuavaMitts from Brixy Stores REVIEW

November 15, 2013

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GuavaMitts from Brixy Stores REVIEW

Let's face it babies are hard to shop for sometimes.  But what if you found a gift that wasn't only super cute, but also served a great purpose?  GuavaMitts from Guavakids are modern colorful mittens for babies that keep germs and scratches away.
I received a pair of adorable teal GuavaMitts.  I can't wait to use them when my baby boy arrives.  I was eager to check them out and see all of the great features they have.  GuavaMitts feature a unique two-part signature closure system.  I really like this.  Baby mittens can so easily fall off and I would hate constantly loosing mittens because they would fall off my babies.  I even started using baby socks because of the elastic in them but found that they were either too tight, too bulky, or not comfortable.  So the cool closure system GuavaMitts uses is a huge perk and allows the mitts to grow with your baby! 
Another cool feature is that the mitts are made with out of a machine washable bamboo/organic cotton blend, "conscientiously chosen for its protective breath-ability, antimicrobial properties and environmental sustainability."  The fabric is super soft and comfortable.  It is perfect for those tiny delicate baby hands!
Lastly, the cute patterns GuavaMitts have on them also serve a purpose.  Research has shown that high-contrast graphics promote infant brain and eye development, so GuavaKids took the idea of bright bold patterns with stimulating properties and brought it in to their designs.  The vibrant colors, shapes, and patterns have a modern look but are also very engaging for babies.  Each mitten has a reversible pattern that can be switched so it's even like you are getting two mittens in one!
All in all these GuavaMitts are the perfect way to keep scratches and germs at bay while giving baby lots of warmth, comfort, and stimulating fun!  What better gift for baby for the holidays!?
Oh and they even have GuavaBoots now too--check them out!
You can buy these top selling GuavaMitts along with other great holiday gifts at one of the independent juvenile Brixy Stores near year JUST CLICK HERE TO FIND YOUR NEAREST LOCATION
A big THANK YOU to GuavaKids and Brixy for providing me with a free set of GuavaMitts to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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