Take It From Me: Night of Mystery: Once Upon a Murder Party REVIEW

October 9, 2013

Night of Mystery: Once Upon a Murder Party REVIEW

Heads Up everyone...NOW is the perfect time to throw a murder mystery party!  Halloween is just around the corner and murder mystery parties are one of my favorite things to do during the Halloween season!  Have you ever hosted or been to a murder mystery party?  They are TONS of fun!  I'm completely addicted to them and was so excited when I got to host another fun party from my favorite murder mystery company Night of Mystery!
I've researched high and low and tried the best of the best when it comes to murder mystery parties and by far my favorite place to go for all things is Night of Mystery!  They have tons of murder mystery games on their website in various options and will help you throw the most amazing parties!  Not only do the have convenient parties to download in just about any scenario you can think of, but they give you the absolute best resources for party planning, costume ideas, invites, decor, food, and more so that you get the complete experience with each of their parties!
I always like to throw at least a few parties a year because they are so much fun, but around Halloween I always make a point to host a party because it makes for one awesome adult Halloween experience. (Who said kids get to have all of the fun on Halloween!?!)  I usually like to plan my parties at least one to two weeks ahead to give myself and my guests time to get their costumes, characters, and my party atmosphere in order.  This year's party was Once Upon a Murder, a fairytale themed party with lots of fun characters.  I usually opt for the "Clean" versions of games on the Night of Mystery with our conservative group.  These parties don't have any raunchy or controversial themes or topics, which we like.  I also love how the Night of Mystery site has tons of pictures from people's parties, Pinterest boards, and even individual websites set up for their different party themes so you can get a bunch of ideas for your party.  Using all of the great resources, we were able to throw one amazing Once Upon a Murder party.
The Prizes:
Belle and the Beast
Snow (White) and (Prince) Charming
Hamlet and Jinn (the Genie)
Griselda (Cinderella's Step Sister) and Rumpelstiltzskin
Rapunzel and Hansel
Aladdin and Jasmoor
Felicity (the Fairy Godmother)
Axe (the woodsman) and Gram (from Little Red Riding Hood)
Red (riding hood) and Teeth (the big bad wolf)
Gretel and Herb (the dwarf)
Everyone had an absolute blast at the party!!  I'm so glad we could join in on the costume fun and ring in the Halloween season the right way!!  Thanks Night of Mystery!

A big THANK YOU to Night of Mystery for providing me with a free murder mystery game to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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