Take It From Me: Belt It! (Guest Post)

October 15, 2013

Belt It! (Guest Post)

There are very few choices when it comes to accessories for women in the belt section and now “The BELT” is added to the list and has taken off a better turn with the fairer gender. The Belt is the most coveted of accessories which apart from completing the look of the pants also adds a stylish touch. Inspite of sticking to blacks and browns, experimenting with interesting casual styles is also the key to add a striking appeal to daily outfits.

Wearing Casual Belt Styles
Belts are no longer the under-stated style. Casual belts are available in variety of buckles, patterns, weaves, colours and materials. Versatile options that can match formal as well as casual outfits must be added to the accessory collection to make a distinct statement.

Below are some casual belt styles for you to experiment with:

Casual Belt Styles
Monochrome Braided Belts
Braided belts are stylish, attractive and complement formal wear as well as casual ensembles. You can wear them either with you cut suits and blazers as well as with sporty leather jackets. This belt is highly functional as it allows the wearer to adjust the fit in the grooves of the braid instead of piercing extra holes. A variety of colours are found easily.

Tooled Leather Belts & Rodeo Belts
Leather belts are usually plain but when tooled the boring belts are transformed into attractive accessories for women. Tooling creates beautiful patterns which are highlighted with darker or lighter dyes. Pairing them with dark coloured and plain clothes will make the belt stand out more.

Multicoloured Braided Belts
Multi-coloured braided belts are great option to add a pop of colour to outfits. Popular in 1980s, there are still many takers of this spunky trend. Teaming up with khaki shorts, polo tees and chequered shirts will make for a stylish ensemble.

Leatherback Ribbon Belts
Leatherback belts are perfect to accentuate any casual wear. These belts are a favourite amongst sailors and golfers. Funny prints, patterns and striking colours are available in these belts but are still hard to find. Do stock on these stylish belts if you find any to add a funky touch to your belt collection.

Canvas Belts
Canvas belts are known for their fit, durability and low maintenance. The big buckles and the sturdy material ensure long term usage. Canvas are available in fancy buckles, embroideries, prints and vibrant colours which makes them a must have accesory for the lady. They look best when paired with denims, khakis and other casual styles.

Rope Belts
Rope belts are not everyones style as they tend to look feminine and are well known accessory for women. But there are quite a few men especially sailors who flaunt these belts as well and they lend a distinct appeal to the outfit. They are low on maintenance, long lasting and highly functional.

Vinyl Belts
One of the cheaper options, vinyl belts are favourite amongst the younger lot, usually one of the most used accessories by women . They are made from variety of plastic and usually worn for concerts, theme events and parties. These belts tend to look tacky so wearing them for regular use is not recommended.

For transforming your daily look, stock on some interesting belts in variety of patterns and colours.

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