Take It From Me: Take Care of Your Art Before Sticking it in Cheap WoodFrames (Guest Post)

September 21, 2013

Take Care of Your Art Before Sticking it in Cheap WoodFrames (Guest Post)

Take Care of Your Art Before Sticking it in Cheap WoodFrames

Home printing and framing has become more accessible and affordable. This is great for artists and DIY’s, however, it can present some quality and handling issues for those seeking a professional look. You can have a sophisticated and professionally polished piece with cheap wood frames. The trick is caring for the artwork before the actual framing.
Taking care of your photo’s before framing 

There are issues professional framers deal with on a daily basis when working with clients. These headaches are usually a result of poorly stored and transported work. Avoid these mistakes to ensure a more professional looking DIY framing. 

The most common mistakes:
Rolled up pictures in a tube or with a rubber band

Rolling your picture in a tube is actually the best way to keep a picture safe especially when storing or posting, however, problems usually occur when you take them out of the tubes and unravel them. Even if you are extra careful, the picture can get damaged or creased when you are rolling or taking it out. There are ways that you can minimize this happening.

Rather than using your fingers to pull the picture out of a tube, try to shake it out. This may take a little finesse. Take extra precaution when flattening it out for viewing. It should go without saying; do NOT use a rubber band on your art. This is a virtual guarantee that your work will be damaged in some way.

Sometimes damage can be flattened out by dry mounting or other methods, but other times this makes the issue worse or does not help at all. Take extra care with your piece as you may not even notice damage until it is in certain light.

Finger Prints
Glossy prints are especially susceptible to fingerprints. Handle them with care or with cotton gloves.

This is another issue that can only be seen in certain light. It would be a shame to go through the framing process just to find you marked up your artwork. Attempting to get any marks off could damage your print further. 

Tape or Glue
Even archival quality tape and glue can be an issue when taking artwork out of a frame and/or mat. Try to avoid using tape and especially glue. Photo corners are a great alternative as they hold the picture in place without sticking directly to the photograph. If you absolutely must use tape, be sure that it is archival quality so it won’t cause permanent damage. Acid free is a viable alternative but may not have the same reversible properties as archival quality tape.

Sticking to Glass
While matting is not always necessary for your photograph, you should definitely take care to separate it from the glass. This can happen in wood frames , metal frames, or any other variant. You can purchase clear UV coated sheets that will protect your art from sticking to the glass and from any potential sun damage.

Following these steps will help you frame your work more professionally. As obvious as it may seem, handling and transporting your work with care might save you money in the long run.Even within the framing industry the “experts” can disagree. There is a great deal of conflicting information and opinions. Gather as much advice, research as far as you can before framing your work.

Author Bio : Rebecca is an art lover with a passion for collecting vintage photo frames. Her collection is largely art deco and includes everything from custom picture frames to fine wooden frames, unfinished wood frames, poster frames & even shadow box frames.

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  1. Great info. Too bad I didn't have this info before I gave frames and photos to the parents for Christmas last year...


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