Take It From Me: Labeling GMOs: One State Can Change the Nation

August 8, 2013

Labeling GMOs: One State Can Change the Nation

Residents in Washington state are mobilizing for their Right to Know if their food is genetically engineered and need your help. Chemical companies have engineered food crops to produce or resist the pesticides they sell, which has led to an explosion of pesticide use and residues in our food. We need to wake up to the secret changes being made to our food and demand transparency in food labeling, so we can make informed choices about the kind of food we eat and feed our families.

My siblings Michael and Lisa joined me in taping an urgent appeal to you, our customers, to support Ballot Initiative 522, 'The Washington Right to Know Genetically Engineered Act.' A Yes vote on I-522 will not only give Washingtonians the Right to Know, but will also pave the way to national labeling. Please watch to learn why, and volunteer and donate in whatever capacity you can. 

I-522 is a grass-roots initiative led by thousands of Washington residents. Dr. Bronner's is making a significant donation to the campaign. We need your support, at whatever level you can make, to win this battle over pesticide and junk food companies who want to keep us all in the dark. Watch now, volunteer and donate today.

David Bronner, President
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps

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