Take It From Me: Fibre-Craft: BENDASTIX (Review)

August 3, 2013

Fibre-Craft: BENDASTIX (Review)

As a little girl I just couldn't get enough when it came to crafting! I was a bit of a pack rat as I wanted to save everything in case I needed it for some future project! I had so much fun creating things I was glad that my kids got my love for crafts. My oldest would make crafts in her sleep if she could!
...And because of their love for crafts, they were overly excited when we received the BENDASTIX Big Box kit! The kit was filled with big stix, wide stix, mini stix, long stix, buddy thingamajigs, circle thingamajigs, along with an instruction book and lots, lots more! 
My girls had a blast creating cool glasses and fun headbands where they were able to choose their own colors and items so they could create their own personalized accessories! And the best part is they are reusable, so you can keep your imagination rolling as you keep creating little masterpieces. 
They also created a slithering snake, a sweet bracelet and an alien who they named Oscar! 
I joined them in the fun and we were smiling and laughing the entire time as we created such silly things! We definitely had a blast!
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A BIG THANKS to Fibre-Craft's BENDASTIX™and KidsStuffPR for the providing me with this Kit to review. These are my honest opinions, your experience may vary.

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  1. How fun. Yay for toys that kids can play quietly that bring our their curiosity!


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