Take It From Me: Limited Time Only: Dr. Bronner's Quart Label in Support of GMO Labeling & Yes on 522

July 2, 2013

Limited Time Only: Dr. Bronner's Quart Label in Support of GMO Labeling & Yes on 522

"Yes, the subject line is correct. If you live on the West Coast, you will soon start seeing a new label on our classic quart castile soaps. For a few months, Dr. Bronner's will begin using the space normally memorializing my grandfather's ALL-ONE philosophy for activism. For the past few years Dr. Bronner's has been educating people about the GMO issue and our right to know what's in our food. We will replace the surrounding copy on our classic quart soaps with information in support of GMO labeling and the Yes on 522 effort in Washington state. 
Genetic Engineering means more pesticides. Chemical companies genetically engineer DNA from bacteria into food crops to either produce or tolerate the pesticides they sell. This foreign DNA produces foreign proteins in every cell of the plant that we eat in our food. No long-term independent safety studies have been performed on adverse health effects. Overuse of pesticide is creating resistant superweeds and superbugs, which leads to more pesticides being sprayed. Now chemical companies like Monsanto and Dow are engineering resistance in food crops to much more toxic weed killers like Dicamba and 2,4 D, the main ingredient in Agent Orange.

Around the country we've backed state grassroots legislative efforts to label genetically engineered foods (GMOs) because we believe the path to national GMO food labeling is through the states. Once a few states start to change their laws, the Food and Drug Administration will mandate GMO labeling nationwide."

I522 can win with your vote!

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