Take It From Me: I Like Everything About You CD REVIEW

July 9, 2013

I Like Everything About You CD REVIEW

Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble is thrilled to release their first CD for kids and families, I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!).  Part international drill team, part polycultural rhythm section, Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble expands the meaning of "percussion ensemble" by weaving a tapestry of melody and rhythm that includes the oldest musical instrument, the human body, resonating with an instrumental web of hand drums, bells, clave, bass, banjo, voice, "found sound," and more. 
Each member of the ensemble brings to the table a rich personal component of the traditions from the African Diaspora, and the resulting collaboration demonstrates the many ways that African music and dance contribute to a surprising variety of cultures throughout the Americas. Using the roots of the African Diaspora as a jumping off place, the five members of Crosspulse bend and blend their own cultural DNA to create new music rooted in egalitarian collaboration and dialogue. 
My kids and I had the chance to sample the music and were impressed with what we heard.  The rich vibrant cultural sounds resonated through powerful lyrics and amazing voices and really stood out to my kids.    We hadn't really heard anything like this before so it was very cool to listen to such an interesting new genre and style of music with my kids.  I really loved the quote that said, "Before people were hollowing logs and drying gourds to make musical instruments, they were slapping, clapping, singing and stepping their musical ideas."  The music on I Like Everything About You takes you back to the core of music and that is something that is really cool!
For more information about Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble check out their website at http://crosspulse.com.
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