Take It From Me: HealthKeep: Health Sharing Network

July 3, 2013

HealthKeep: Health Sharing Network

We are so very blessed to have the internet available to us today! I think many of us would be lost without it now that we've come to rely on it so much.

It seems like whenever I have a question, want some down time, need a new recipe, need to develop my pictures, want to listen to music, or I have some strange bodily symptom, I go straight to the computer. 

I always find yummy recipes and get my photos developed, but whenever I search about illnesses I have, I get nowhere. I would find information from one extreme to another, and that is why I am very excited about HealthKeep, an all new Social Health Network!

"HealthKeep is a modern social networking platform available on the web and mobile devices. In some ways it’s like Facebook, Twitter or Google+, except it is only about your health."

Growing up, my dad struggled with health issues. He went from doctor to doctor not able to find an answer to his symptoms. He had back pain and a constant headache every single day. I always felt bad because there was nothing I could do and although I sympathized with him, I really didn't know what he was going through. He would get discouraged and I know he would've really benefitted from HealthKeep.

"On HealthKeep a user shares a health experience and then our system determines what it is about and shares it with every other user who has had a similar issue. In this way people get real world health lessons to learn from and can get feedback and support. In addition, users receive a stream of real time personalized health news specifically relevant to them. This lets people keep tabs on the latest news and research relevant to their health."

I really hope you take advantage of this great network and are able to get good advice as well as share your knowledge and experience with others!

I was compensated for this post. These are my own opinions, however your experience may differ.

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