Take It From Me: Staples REVIEW

June 4, 2013

Staples REVIEW

Easy, convenient shopping...it's what everybody wants right?  The Staples tagline "That Was Easy" and their famous easy button advertisements leave you wondering just how easy shopping with them can be...
well I with my recent experiences, I am coming to see just how easy shopping with Staples truly is! 

On Black Friday last year, I scored an amazing HP Laptop with Windows 8 from Staples.  Staples was so helpful with all of my tech needs and learning how to operate the new system.  I was completely impressed!  So when I decided I wanted to get my first tablet from Staples, I knew all of my needs would be well taken care of!
I've been wanting a tablet for a few years.  I wanted something that my I could use for reading, surfing the web, entertaining my kids, and to watch movies on as well.  Staples has a great selection of tablets like their Samsung Galaxy Notes, Kindles, NOOKs, Nexus 7s, and more!  It was so easy (there's that word I like) to browse through the different tablets, comparing prices and features.
One of their great inexpensive tablets is the Asus MeMo Pad 7" 16GB Tablet.  It's made from durable and scratch-resistant glass, has a camera for taking photos and videos, Wi-Fi, large capacity storage, exclusive Sonic Master technology and Maxx Audio pumping out high sound quality, and a bunch of awesome pre-loaded apps.  It's a fabulous tablet at a fabulous price!
Another great tablet they have at a great price that I liked was the Nexus 7 16GB from Google.  I'm kind of big on Google products and apps!  Google Maps, Google Play (games, music, books, etc.), Google Chrome (for surfing the web), YouTube, Gmail, etc.  The Nexus 7 gives you all of that, along with WiFi, Bluetooth, a camera, and more!
We had a hard time deciding what to do and went in to our local Staples to see what kind of help they could give.  The local Staples team made things so easy (there it is again) to understand.  While the Asus tablet was great for our kids, the Google loving side of me couldn't resist what they showed me with the Nexus 7!  We ended up trying out both of these amazing tablets and have loved them!  We've got great educational apps to keep our kids busy, I have been reading books, listening to music, watching videos, and more!  It's so nice to have finally branched out into the world of tablets, which are basically mini computers you can take with you anywhere!  And what did I learn about Staples?  Shopping with them really is EASY!!  You get all of the service, supplies, and any needs taken care of in the easiest way possible...no haggling, no deep searching, just simple and easy shopping for office supplies, electronics, etc.  THANKS STAPLES--I'm a fan!!
A big THANK YOU to for providing me with a free tablet to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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