Take It From Me: Manhatton Toy: Motorworks (Review)

May 31, 2013

Manhatton Toy: Motorworks (Review)

Boys will be boys. After having two girls, we finally got our little baby boy! He is almost a year and a half now and I am constantly amazed at how different he is from my girls. When it comes to toys we have lots of dolls, dress-up clothes and jewelry, but no matter what my little boy will find the rare truck or train lying around our house! Boys love trucks and cars. Period.
"MOTORWORKS™ is the only line of customize-able wooden toy vehicles, accessories and play sets. MOTORWORKS vehicles have an amazingly detailed body of European Beech wood, married with a durable, convertible chassis and snap on custom accessories. All this offers an exciting new concept in realistically styled wooden vehicles that are tons of fun and offer the full experience of customize-able vehicle play."
We received Manhatton Toy's new line Motorworks to review and they are the coolest toys around! My little boy crawls on the kitchen floor zooming these cars around, having the time of his life. We choose to review their FSX Monster Truck and their STS Stealth Police Cruiser, plus their Accessory pack: Street Drifter wheels and trim and were very pleased with them all.
All my kids are obsessed with their new Toy Monster Truck and Toy Police Car and would probably sleep with them if they could! My oldest had the pleasure of playing with these when her siblings were napping--rare moment. 
What we really like about this series of toys is how easy these toys are to snap apart. 
My daughter took off all the wheels, the cab, the rear spoiler, 2 side pipes and swapped them out with the accessories. She loved that she was able to change the look of her truck and police car easily and all by herself. We are excited to buy more of these customize-able wooden toy vehicles and see what cool designs we can make with them! 

Please leave us a comment telling us what your kids love about Motorworks!

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