Take It From Me: The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep REVIEW

April 22, 2013

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep REVIEW

I am participating in a book review campaign with One2One Network. I received this book from Harper Collins for the purposes of reviewing it. I have not received compensation. My participation in the campaign enters me into a drawing for a gift card. All opinions stated are my own.

Have you ever sat back and thought "What am I doing?" Let's face it, motherhood or even parenthood is no easy task!  Every time I think I've got something figured out, the next kid throws me for a loop and I'm back at step one.  The thing is that every child is different and so is every situation, but there are tons of great tips and advice out there for parents to use with their kids which can make life a whole lot easier.  For example, I was given the opportunity to review The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep.  Finally, kids do come with instructions! The book is full of surprisingly simple steps to boost your little child's sleep fast!
Dr. Harvey Karp made doctors applaud and parents cheer with his brilliant solutions to centuries-old problems such as colic and tantrums. Now, in THE HAPPIEST BABY GUIDE TO GREAT SLEEP: Simple Solutions for Kids from Birth to 5 Years (William Morrow Paperback; On-Sale: March 19, 2013; $15.99; ISBN: 9780062113320), Dr. Karp stuns the world again by solving the #1 problem plaguing new parents: exhaustion. Dr. Karp's surprising insights include:
- How to train brand new babies to sleep better: Infants can be taught to sleep at least one extra hour from the first weeks of life! Dr. Karp shows how to safely boost baby sleep in just days.
- What’s the best white noise (and which ones worsen sleep): The right white noise (low pitched and rumbling) is the key to good sleep—even through teething—for all babies. Plus, it even gives parents a more restful sleep
- Why parents should always wake a sleeping baby: For good sleep, babies must learn how to self-soothe. The best way to teach babies how to fall back to sleep—when they rouse in the middle of the night—is to wake them just as they’re being put into bed.
- How to enjoy the benefits - and avoid the risks - of swaddling: Swaddling dramatically improves a new baby’s sleep. Yet, many states are shockingly banning this ancient parenting tool. Smart moms should do it and Dr. Karp will teach them how to do it properly and safely.
- The importance of powering down: Staring at bright screens at night (TVs, computers, phones) can wreak a toddler and a parent’s sleep.
- Easy "no-cry" tips that end infant and toddler bedtime struggles in just days!
With THE HAPPIEST BABY GUIDE TO GREAT SLEEP, no longer will new parents have to suffer months of sleep deprivation and no longer will babies have to cry themselves to sleep. Backed by compelling science, common sense and decades of experience, Dr. Karp’s landmark guide will revolutionize how millions of children drift off to dreamland.

First of all, I cannot believe how much information was packed into this book!  Seriously amazing!  I could instantly tell by reading, oh how much research and devotion Dr. Karp put in to the book.  It seemed like he covered every single thing you could think of when it comes to sleeping issues.  I loved reading of other parents out there who had similar issues to my children's sleep problems.  Lately I have been dealing with a 21-month old daughter who keeps waking up multiple times at night.  When I found that night waking was common at this age, I felt relieved.  I read a variety of possible answers to why she was waking up lately and was able to pin point a few likely reasons and find ways to sooth her.  Another thing I loved reading about was why kids wake up cranky.  How many times has this happened in your home?  Just the other week my son woke up super cranky and in the back of my head I thought "why in the world is he cranky?  didn't he just sleep?  shouldn't he be happy and well-rested?"  How many times have you had thoughts like those?  In the book, Dr. Karp discusses various reasons kids may wake up unhappy and how we can combat those blues.  I was able to put them in to practice as yesterday, when my son woke up from his nap grumpy--I realized he may be hungry and fed him a snack.  After eating, he instantly perked up--yay!  Overall, I really enjoyed reading the book and found it to be jam packed with lots of great information about sleeping and I would highly recommend this book to other parents!

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