Take It From Me: Q-Tip Balls! (Guest Post)

April 3, 2013

Q-Tip Balls! (Guest Post)

Hello again! It's been crazy around my house lately, and since crafting is one of my only ways to blow off steam in this frigid Chicago weather... I've been pining for a craft. So when I was cleaning out my hall closet and came across 5 boxes of q-tips, I figured I could do something with that besides clean my ears!

Introducing...... Q-Tip Balls!

SO easy. Everyone can do it. BUT... it's VERY VERY time consuming. Cutting all the q-tips and then shoving them in a little Styrofoam ball. Let's just say... I'm probably not going to make another one! But I LOVE it!

You start with a styrofoam ball (any size will do, but I'm warning you not to pick a huge one... your hands will regret it!) Mine was 4 inches...you can get them at almost any craft store. Take your massive box of q-tips, start cutting them in half, and if you have a SUPER lovely husband like me, he can cut them in half while he watched March Madness... like so…

Then, just start inserting them into the ball. See? Super simple. Just time consuming!

You can stick as many or as little pieces of q-tip into your ball as you like!! If you want to get REALLY fancy.... try taking a marker and touching the end of each q-tip to introduce a little color!


Your Turn!

Hailey is a twenty something stay-at-home mother of two babies! She loves cooler ranch Doritos, Dr. Pepper, mentos, and especially Orange Fanta. Her favorite color in the entire universe and beyond is Lime Green. She love to decorate and paint, and figure out ways to use something in a new way! Re-do and re-use! She tries her best to make her house warm, comfortable and inviting.. after all, it's where she spends most of her time! A firm believer in spray paint, anything can be made better (well.. most things)... her mother taught her "Life is Good, Be Happy" she's a genius, and that's the best advice Hailey ever got. Follow her at www.decoratingthroughdentalschool.blogspot.com!


  1. like you, for some odd reason I have a bunch of boxes of q-tips. This is really cute but I agree one would be about it for me. I might try to make one and dip the tips in something for a splash of color.

  2. Who would have thought? That's a fun idea!

  3. that is a cute and easy way to spruce up your decorations. nice job.


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