Take It From Me: Imagine I Can (Review)

April 2, 2013

Imagine I Can (Review)

There is something special about making crafts that makes them so addicting. Perhaps it is the feeling of creating something with your own two hands that is unique from everyone else! Growing up I was obsessed with crafts because the projects were endless and I was able to use my imagination and create whatever I wanted while showing off my very own masterpieces to my parents! 

My daughters are at the age where they are able to make and do things on their own, and crafting is now very high on their list of activities to do during the day! I can get a little overwhelmed trying to find something new to do every time so I was very happy to hear about Manhattan Toy's newest series "Imagine I CAN!" In this series there are 28 appealing arts and crafts, do-it-yourself, role-play and puppet kits!
Each kit is absolutely adorable and perfect for boys and girls! We used our kits for our special family nights, but these would be perfect for birthday parties, inside rainy days, or a spur of the moment craft! 
We received three "Imagine I Can" Make It Myself Kits. The first one was Pet Rock Pals. I thought this kit was just a blast! It came with a cute reusable tin which my girls thought was SO cool, clay that looks and feels like a real rock when it dries, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and felt shapes.
My girls created their master piece rocks with their daddy, which was the perfect, fun, family night activity!
Making the Pet Rocks was super easy. The clay was very moldable and the felt pieces were a easy to put on the little rocks! We thought the mustaches and eyebrows were hilarious. When they were done, it took only a couple of days for the clay to harden enough to feel like real rocks! My girls really enjoyed checking on them during the day to see if they were ready!
The second kit we received was the Creative Color Sticker Clings. This kit also came in a cute reusable tin, along with templates, colored glue, and sparkles. My daughter thought it was just the coolest thing that we were able to make our own stickers for the window!
This kit is for 6+ year olds, so I traced the shapes, and my daughter filled them in. It worked really great and was a lot of fun. She chose the colors and sprinkled each one with glitter! We've actually used this kit a few times because the glue goes a long ways, so grandma actually got to make some with her too when she came to visit!
The last kit we received was the Alligator Create-A-Puppet Animals. I chose this kit because I thought it would be the easiest for my youngest to do since it said it was for 3+. I was kind of surprised because the kit was a little difficult, so I ended up making it while they watched! They still had fun watching though!
It turned out super cute, and they both really love playing with it! They have been chasing their little brother around the house with it! 
We absolutely loved making all three of these kits and spending time together while doing them! It also made it easier on me having pre-made kits on hand, giving me a break from coming up with my own ideas! Plus they are very affordable, making them great to stock up on for those rainy days!

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A big THANK YOU to Manhatton Toy and Kid Stuff PR for providing me with these craft sets to review. I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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