Take It From Me: Crazy Weekend

April 22, 2013

Crazy Weekend

I feel like this weekend was insane!  While Jaime was dealing with flooding issues in Chicago, I along with the normal chaos of soccer games, helping kids with homework, cleaning house, and more, found myself glued to the television watching the events in Boston unfold and getting very emotional about these tragedies our nation continues to face.  From bullying to school shootings, bombings, and more--it's deeply saddening to see these things happening around us.  But one thing I noticed, especially with the Boston Marathon--is all of the wonderful and courageous people who seem to be able to triumph even in such horrible circumstances. It is then I realize that even though there is evil in our world there is also a whole lot of goodness too!  I love hearing stories of those who emerge from the darkness and are able to leave such positive influences on others!  Those who are lost to tragedies will not be forgotten and those who come out of tragedies and spread hope and joy will be celebrated as well!  Thank you for allowing us to take a break this weekend to spend time with our families and do what we needed.  We've got TONS of giveaways this week to make up for the small absence!  Love you guys!

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