Take It From Me: Call Me A Nerd is making a TV show (Let's Help Them Reach Their Goal!)

April 29, 2013

Call Me A Nerd is making a TV show (Let's Help Them Reach Their Goal!)

We have some exciting news! We just found out that Call Me a Nerd is making a TV show! I am 100% nerd and I am not at all ashamed of it. Growing up I had it all, braces, headgear, glasses, you name it I had it. My brothers would tease me, even though they were just as bad as I was! When I received a copy of "Call Me A Nerd" last October I fell in love with it! It is super catchy and the lyrics are awesome! We need more inspirational people like Jonathan Grossman and can't wait to see the new show!

(My daughter modeling my "nerd" glasses!)

About :
Call Me A Nerd is a kid’s music project instilling confidence and leadership skills in children ages six through eleven (kindergarten – 5th grade). This is the age when they are establishing their social position in the world around them. Through songs and music, we teach children to embrace exactly who they are, be it nerd, athlete, musician, or geek. We are picking up where Free To Be You And Me left off. When a child really gets to know and accept themselves, they walk strongly in this world. This personal strength can help them excel in social, academic and athletic situations – and even disarm the bully.

Please help and DONATE!
$25 donation - we'll send you a Call Me A Nerd CD.
$50 donation - we'll send you a Call Me A Nerd T-shirt
$100 donation, we'll send you a Call Me A Nerd CD AND T-shirt
$500 donation - we'll do a 20-minute NERD show at your home or school (LA only)
$1000 donation - we'll re-record one of our songs using your child’s name in the song.

 I was not compensated for this review. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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