Take It From Me: Mason Jar Makeover with Sparkle! (Guest Post)

March 13, 2013

Mason Jar Makeover with Sparkle! (Guest Post)

Up-cycled mason jars are all the rage right now, I mean everyone and their dog has seen them, but it's just so genius and easy! Talk about super simple, cute storage! So today, that's what we're doing!!

All you need are some mason jars that no longer hold jam, painters tape and your choice of spray paint!

Tape them off, and spray paint away! I chose to go with a silver metallic spray paint! Love it!!

That's it! SO easy!! But so cute!!!

Now, you could stop here and your jars would look great, but, if you're like me, no project is complete without a little sparkle!

Grab your modge podge, a foam brush and some GLITTER!!

Easy peasy!! Now you just need to fill it up with goodies.... I'm thinking some flowers in mine, but they'd be cute for makeup brushes, or cooking utensils, or bathroom essentials like combs or q-tips! So many choices!!


Hailey is a twenty something stay-at-home mother of two babies! She loves cooler ranch Doritos, Dr. Pepper, mentos, and especially Orange Fanta. Her favorite color in the entire universe and beyond is Lime Green. She love to decorate and paint, and figure out ways to use something in a new way! Re-do and re-use! She tries her best to make her house warm, comfortable and inviting.. after all, it's where she spends most of her time! A firm believer in spray paint, anything can be made better (well.. most things)... her mother taught her "Life is Good, Be Happy" she's a genius, and that's the best advice Hailey ever got. Follow her at www.decoratingthroughdentalschool.blogspot.com!


  1. Ohhhh so pretty. You could even take some satin ribbon and tie a bow around the top and store your make up brushes in one of them on the counter!

  2. Reinventing Lolli - Such a great idea! I never know where to store mine!

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