Take It From Me: Gift Guide: Corolle Dolls Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

December 7, 2012

Gift Guide: Corolle Dolls Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

I was introduced to Corolle dolls a year ago and honestly I haven't looked at dolls the same since.  Corolle by far has THE BEST dolls for kids to play with!  Not only is their selection of dolls amazing, but I have found that each doll is unique, fun, and of outstanding quality!  Corolle was born over 30 years ago in France when the founders discovered that a doll was a lot more than a toy, it is a cherished part of a child's growing up.  They make dolls dolls that look and feel as real as possible, with soft, supple vinyl; natural-looking hair and up-to-date fashions. And because children develop a strong emotional bond with their dolls, Corolle dolls are durable to withstand all the loving and hugs their beauty and charm inspire.
My favorite part of Corolle is that they have specifically designed dolls for the different stages of a child's life!
They have the Babicorolle - From Birth, Mon Premier - From 18+ months, Les Classiques - From 2/3 years, and Miss Corolle - From 3 years.  When my daughter was just about to turn 3-years-old, we got her some Miss Corolle dolls.  We had gotten her previous baby dolls of other brands in the past which she liked but I had never seen her light up and play with any of them like she did with the Corolle dolls.  She played with them daily, slept with them in her bed, and loved them so very much!  Now that she has turned 5 and has a younger 18 month-old sister, I really wanted to see the other stage dolls they offered for them.  This time we got my oldest daughter a Les Chéries doll and my youngest daughter a Mon Premier doll.
The Mon Premier doll my youngest daughter got was the Tidoo Raspberry doll. Besides normal play, the Tidoo Raspberry Baby Doll was also specifically designed for bath time play and actually floats in water.  Then after bath time is over, the doll quickly dries quickly for more fun out of the tub.  Honestly at first I was scared to put the doll in the bath.  I loved the delicately scented vanilla skin the doll is made of and was scared it would go away if we put it in the tub.  But I couldn't resist trying out the capabilities and finally let her put it in the tub.  At first my daughter thought she did something wrong.  We don't normally put the dolls in the tub, so this was something new for her.  She wasn't sure if she was going to get in trouble and was hesitant to play with it.  But after I reassured her it was okay, she got right down to some playtime fun!  My daughter loves the doll--especially the sleeping/awake eyes feature it has.  Make sure you check out all of the other Mon Premier baby dolls Corolle offers!
The Les Chéries doll my 5-year-old got was named Camille.  We picked her because she looked like the perfect little school-going fashionista, just like my daughter.  She has beautiful blonde hair and a cute stylish outfit complete with a chic silver clutch.  The doll was exactly what we were looking for with the "next step up" from her Miss Corolle dolls.  It relates to her more because Camille looks like she is her age.  Just like before, she was instantly drawn to the doll and has such an incredible bond to it.  The Les Chéries dolls-- Camille, Clara, Chloé, Cécile and Capucine -- were designed to be each other’s best friends and young girls’ best friends, too.  They all have long, lush, rooted hair and an amazing wardrobe of stylish outfits for endless hours of hair and fashion play.
Corolle dolls help children explore different roles through caring for and sharing hopes, dreams and experiences with an always-understanding friend and playmate.  They are a favorite of mine and perfect for any girl's holiday wish list!
Visit http://us.corolle.com/ to view the Corolle catalog and find how to purchase them for your girls!
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A big THANK YOU to Corolle for providing me with free dolls to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


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