Take It From Me: Fernwood Elementary Kids Make A Big Difference

December 2, 2012

Fernwood Elementary Kids Make A Big Difference

I am happy to announce that we have received a HUGE donation from a very generous group of first and second graders! They spent a day at school selling cupcakes that they made themselves for our cause and raised over $200. This has been our largest donation thus far and has pushed us just steps  away from the finish line!
Linda Burgess and her class.
Thanks to this donation we have been able to buy almost all the supplies. So I would just like to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Linda Burgess (teacher at Fernwood Elementary), who came up with the idea for the fundraiser. 
Linda says, "Fernwood’s Gr.1 and 2 class from Salt Spring Island decided to have a cupcake sale to help the children in Vanuatu. They made posters, made the cupcakes, helped sell them and counted the money. It was a wonderful experience for them and they were SO EXCITED to earn $232.00. It was so fun and we were so happy to help out in this wonderful project of Take It From Me's!"
Linda also told me that the kids talked about the project for weeks before they had there sale and were very enthusiastic about helping send school supplies to kids their own age. It was really touching to see the difference these kids were able to make with the help of their inspired teacher!
We are so close to having everything we need - but we still are short a few supplies. We need 24 pairs of scissors, 24 boxes of crayons and 24 packs of pens! If you are able to send any of these to us please email me at rachael@takeitfrom-me.com.

If you would like to donate money instead please use the widget in our sidebar. If you are interested in reading more about the Vanuatu Christmas Project please go here!

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