Take It From Me: Belly Fat Diet For Dummies REVIEW

December 10, 2012

Belly Fat Diet For Dummies REVIEW

I am already thinking of changes for the New Year and planning my New Years resolutions!  This year I started making my way to a healthier me, but in the new year I will be venturing out of the weight loss program and back into doing things on my own.  One thing I hope to be rid of by this time next year is the dreaded belly fat.  Belly Fat Diet For Dummies is a great book that teaches you how to determine what type of belly fat you have and how you can get rid of it.
I've really liked the book.  It's packed full of great resourceful information.  I can't believe how much fat can effect your health.  This "mark of motherhood" as I sometimes think of it, can actually be a mark of health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, sleep problems, and more.  Belly Fat Diet For Dummies helps give you the edge you need to shed those unwanted pounds and gain muscle tone.
Included in the book is "a proven, 14-day quick-start program that guarantees results within days: a no-gym fitness plan that starts with a fat-melting, bodyweight-only workout and progresses to more advanced exercises further toning and tightening your belly."  The book is perfect for people who are ready to get in shape, who are ready to exercise, but who also may have hectic schedules and a "love for food."  In fact, there are plenty of belly-burning recipes in the book you can try out!

The Belly Fat Diet Plan is "a no-gym fitness plan that starts with a fat-melting bodyweight-only workouts and then progresses to a more advanced exercises futher toning and tightening your belly." And although I haven't started the diet plan yet, I am excited to use it in the near future after the chaos of the holidays are over and I can fully commit to some more weight loss.
Visit the Dummies website to purchase the Belly Fat For Dummies book and to see more of their other great titles available
A big THANK YOU to Dummies.com for providing me with a free book to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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