Take It From Me: VSP Vision Care

October 8, 2012

VSP Vision Care

I can vividly remember the first pair of glasses I got as a child.  After weeks of complaining to my mom that I couldn't keep up with note taking in class, I finally got an appointment with the eye doctor.  Putting on those glasses changed my world.  I remember thinking "What have I been missing all these years?"  Now, as a parent myself I know how important it is to get your children's vision checked and how much of a difference a pair of glasses can make in a child's life.
I have gone through several pairs of glasses growing up and something I never realized until I was on my own, was the cost of them.  Glasses can actually be quite expensive.  But luckily, having vision insurance can greatly cut those high costs and save you lots of money.

VSP Vision Care, or VSP for short is the leading not-for-profit benefits and services company in the United States with 58 million members and a network of over 28,000 private-practice optometrist nationwide.

If you visit the site SeeMuchMore.com (created by VSP), you can find in-depth information and other resources which show the importance of enrolling in vision benefits and having good eye health.  One great thing to check out while you are on the site is their virtual savings calculator which shows just how much of a difference having VSP vision benefits can have.  The site is a great resource for helpful information on healthy vision and the benefits of being insured.
It would have probably cost my parents an arm and a leg (or two) to buy all those pairs of glasses I had while growing up, if they did not have insurance.  Luckily I have learned from their example and have gotten insurance for my vision needs.

With VSP Vision Care, customers save an average of $320 dollars a year and pay substantially less with their insurance plans than when purchasing glasses at a national optical retailer without a vision benefit.  VSP Vision Care also provides you with a frame allowance as well as fully cover the cost of basic lenses.  (Their are discount on other lens options including progressive lenses, Transitions lenses, anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistance coating, and UV protection.)
Help your family save money and keep their eyes healthy with VSP Vision Care.
Visit SeeMuchMore for more information about VSP and vision care benefits. This post is sponsored by VSP. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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