Take It From Me: Tail Town Friends Game REVIEW

October 23, 2012

Tail Town Friends Game REVIEW

Do you know what the top three reasons for game playing is?  I'll give you a hint: To me, there seems to be a reason why over 70% of social gamers are female.  Any idea yet?
Well here they are...The Top Three Reasons For Game Playing Are:
1. Fun/excitement- what women doesn't want a little extra fun and excitement in their life?
2. Stress-relief- umm, yes, yes, and more yes!
and 3. Enjoyment of competitive spirit- bring it on!
So yes, I can definitely see why us women are heading up the leader boards in social gaming.  We've got lots on our plates and lots of de-stressing and exciting competing to do in our free time!  That's why I decided to check out the free-to-play Tail Towns Friends Facebook game!
Tail Towns Friends is an enchanting story of friends working together to build up their town and keep evil rumblings from ruining the creation of their ultimate country getaway.  I loved as I set off on my own country mouse journey helping to build up my beautiful orchard, help friends in need, and create the ultimate country retreat!  I thought it was intriguing to see all of the drama unfold as twists and turns of love and betrayal came to play throughout my journey.  The more the game went on, the juicier the storyline and plot got.  One thing that I especially liked doing in this game was decorating and building my orchard.  It was fun picking everything out, improving things, building things, etc.  They had some great landscaping options and lots of cute graphics for you to turn your space into a work of art!  It actually kind of made me want to do some gardening and landscaping in my own yard...lol.  I also really liked how smoothly the game progressed.  Get something done and it's on to the next task!  That's kind of how my days tend to go, so it was nice.  Done with this, now on to that.
With all that being said, the one thing that truly makes this game stand out among others is their Tail Towns Figurines!!  That's right you can actually get custom polystone figurines of the characters from the Tail Towns Friends game, which are  hand‐painted with exquisite ornate details and lots of personality!  But wait, there's even more!  You can use the codes that come on the figurines, register it online, and unlock extra game perks and a whole hidden cache of story lines--how fun!
Tail Town Friends is such a fun game full of exciting tasks of harvesting, decorating, and commerce intertwined with the thrilling drama of mystery, romance, and treachery-- you must try it for yourself!
This post was a part of the Tail Towns Campaign.  All opinions expressed are solely mine.  Your experiences may vary.

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