Take It From Me: Kid'Sleep REVIEW

October 8, 2012

Kid'Sleep REVIEW

Does your child have a hard time getting up for school in the morning?  Or maybe you have a toddler who just can't seem to stay in bed at night.  Kid'Sleep from Claessens’ Kids is a special clock that helps children get on a good sleeping schedule.

I had the opportunity to review a Kid'Sleep with my daughter.  My kids and I just don't seem to be morning people and have always slept in quite late.  Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, our whole family is trying to adjust to an early schedule.  My oldest daughter seems to be the one struggling the most, as I am constantly struggling to get her out of her bed in the morning.  When I got our Kid'Sleep I was thrilled.  The clock is so versatile!  You can simply use it as a night light for babies, a wake-up indicator for young kids--showing when it is time to sleep and when it is okay to wake, and lastly as an alarm clock for older children, like my daughter.  My daughter is able to watch the face plate on her clock to see whether she should stay in bed--the lower portion of the clock with a picture of a sleeping bunny (or bear or mouse) is illuminated, or whether she can get out of bed--the upper portion of the clock with a picture of a playing bunny is lit.  
This action allows children to self regulate their sleep, which we all know how kids love to be independent.  The part of the clock that has really helped my daughter is the morning alarm.  The alarm is a very sweet bird chirping sound followed be a rooster.  It awakens my daughter so she can then get up by herself and get going for the day.  Not once has she not gotten up after her alarm went off.  In fact, it has been a week since I've had to go in and wake her up myself.  Instead you can find me in the kitchen preparing her breakfast and packing her lunch, where my daughter will stroll in shortly after her alarm goes off.
So with the ability to swap out face plates, turn on or off the alarm function, and more-- the Kid'Sleep is something that lots of children from birth to age 5 or so can use.  There is also a Globetrotter edition which is a smaller battery version of the classic.  It is operated and designed for everyday use or travel and features a sleeping and awake sheep.

A big THANK YOU to Live Love Dream for providing me with a free Kid'Sleep to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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