Take It From Me: Halloween Isn't Just for Kids!

October 5, 2012

Halloween Isn't Just for Kids!

You may or may not figured out what your kids are wearing this Halloween, but have you decided what YOU will be wearing yet?  After having kids I kind of took a break from dressing up and figured Halloween was just a holiday for kids.  Then a couple years ago, I decided to get back into the Halloween spirit by making an effort for my husband and I to dress up each year.  I was so glad I finally realized that Halloween is for all ages and anyone--young and old--should dress up and have some fun!
Last year my husband and I were pirates.  We had a blast!  This year I've been looking up the Halloween Costumes 2012 ideas to see what trends are going strong.  PureCostumes has a bunch of great adult Halloween costumes ideas.
Here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes that I found for my husband and I:
The Casanova Cowboy from the Western Costumes & the Sexy Sioux Indian from the Indian Costumes
Or maybe Hercules and an Olympic Goddess that I found in the Historical Costumes
There are seriously so many choices!  You can go for scary, creative, humorous, or even look at the sexy adult costumes ideas.  Any way you choose, there are a plethora of options out there!
PureCostumes.com is a great place to shop for your Halloween costumes because they have an amazing $4.99 FLAT Shipping Rate or FREE Shipping on all orders over of $50 or more using the code FREE50
You can also stay connected to Pure Costumes through their Twitter as well
I was compensated for this review as part of a Halloween campaign.  However, all ideas and opinions are mine.  These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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  1. I love dressing up for Halloween. Getting the husband to dress up is another story... one year though, I was a school girl and he was my yearbook. He wore a plain white shirt and I carried a sharpie for people to sign. That was for a party that the kids didn't attend. I like the Greek goddess one. Fun stuff.


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