Take It From Me: Call Me A Nerd! CD (Review & Contest)

October 14, 2012

Call Me A Nerd! CD (Review & Contest)

I love music and I'm totally a NERD, so this new CD from Jonathan Grossman, Call Me A Nerd, has been a hit in our house!
The newly released CD comes with 11 catchy songs that are great to dance and rock out to. I really love the lyrics because they are all related to being yourself and having confidence in who you are.
My favorite is "I Believe in You." This is a really nice song about a child learning to ride a bike on their own. My oldest daughter is very smart, so she gets discouraged when something is a little too difficult because she normally catches onto things fairly quickly, so I couldn't help but think of her while listening to this sweet song.

Blog:There’s a 9-month Gestation Period for Music Too
Yesterday, I finished mastering my forthcoming kids record, CALL ME A NERD. The whole writing/recording process took 9 months from concept to fruition and quite frankly, I was feeling quite proud of this fact. Then I realized the obvious correlation to child birth. Is that a coincidence? Or is 9 months the most natural gestation process for anything humans create? http://callmeanerd.com/theres-a-9-month-gestation-period-for-music-too/

                                                       Buy It!
Call Me A Nerd is available to purchase on iTunes for $9.99!

Free Song & Contest! 
Jonathan Grossman is offering a FREE Mp3 song "New Kid" and enter the contest for a Free CD and a T-shirt!

A BIG THANKS to Jonathan Grossman and Artspromo for providing me with a product to review. These are my honest opinions, your experience may vary.

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