Take It From Me: Bare Fruit Review & Giveaway!

October 30, 2012

Bare Fruit Review & Giveaway!

"Bare Fruit is a healthy snack your family will love. Low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet, Bare Fruit is the perfect in-between snack or lunch time addition."
 When it comes to food I am a huge snacker! I eat relatively small meals but I love to have something delicious to chew on throughout the day. I find that lots of times it is difficult (to impossible) to find a snack that is both affordable AND healthy at your local grocery store.
This is why I was SO excited when I got my Bare Fruit Apple Cinnamon Snacks in the mail. I must confess I was expecting a much smaller bag. This bag however was HUGE! Each bag has 30 apples in it!
Usually regular sized snack bags last my husband and I only a few minutes. We both LOVE dried fruit and have been chowing down on this bag for a week now (it is 14oz.)!! Besides being a delicious snack, it is really healthy. 
All of their fruit snacks are 100% Certified Organic. Even the cinnamon on the cinnamon apples is 100% Organic. They have a few different dried fruit options. The next one I want to try is their dried mangoes, but they also have dried cherries, dried pears and three different apple choices. 

Overall this delicious healthy fruit is the perfect everyday snack, and is pretty filling too. It would work for a lunch side as well!

You can buy bare fruit snacks here on their website, or in bulk on amazon.

Bare Fruit Snacks has generously offered a case of Apple Chips to one of our lucky readers! This giveaway is a little different then normal but SUPER easy, all you have to do is like Bare Fruit Snacks Facebook Page. Just click the link below to find out how to enter the competition!

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