Take It From Me: Uncle Milton's Toys Nat Geo WILD collection REVIEW

September 4, 2012

Uncle Milton's Toys Nat Geo WILD collection REVIEW

Have you ever watched the National Geographic or "Nat Geo" channel with your kids?  My family loves watching interesting nature pieces on the channel with our kids and getting a look into the fascinating world we live in.  My children really enjoy nature and whether they are watching it on TV or exploring it outside, there is so much they can learn and gain from their experiences.  That is why I am so happy to tell you about the new National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD line of toys from Uncle Milton's Toys!
Inspired by nature and the exotic animals that inhabit this earth, the new line of toys features everything from exploration equipment to realistic animal toys.  My kids and I got to try out two products from the new line.
  From the National Geographic series line we got the Starry Night Lantern.  This lantern is perfect for nighttime expeditions and camp outs!  The middle area lights up so you can use it to guide your way in the dark.  Then there is also a super cool projection top that can bring the stars inside to your room and project them above you as you sleep.  My son thinks it is the coolest light ever!
And from the Nat Geo WILD toy line, we got Wild Hatchers!  With Wild Hatchers, you can now watch an animal hatch from its egg right within your own home.  Just place the egg in water, wait, and watch as your animal hatches from the shell.  My kids and I got to watch and wait two fun-filled days as our little Emperor Penguin hatched.  My little ones got so excited as they saw the shell slowly crack and detach as the penguin grew.  My son was so excited when we got to take the animal out and hold it in our arms.  It was almost as if it was truly a real penguin. Other animals in the Wild Hatchers you can buy include a sea turtle, and King Cobra-ahh!  They grow 4x its size and will shrink back down once they have been out of water long enough so you can grow them over and over again.
There are tons of great other toys from the lines which are great for kids!  Not only do the toys help educate about nature and the world, but they also encourage kids to get out and explore for themselves!
Visit the Uncle Milton website to learn more information about the new toys collections and to purchase their products
A big THANK YOU to Uncle Milton's Toys  for providing me with free toys from their new line to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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