Take It From Me: Scholarship Opportunities

September 18, 2012

Scholarship Opportunities

When I was graduating from high school I did my research and found that there were a ton of scholarships available to me that I didn't even know about. As I read more into them, I realized that they were incredibly easy to apply for, so I did just that, I applied!
I received two scholarships, which helped me out tremendously when first starting college and because of this, I wanted to share a site with you. On this site they post scholarship opportunities that they are notified about from organizations in the community. There is a variety of scholarships available now and they range from blogging opportunities to custom jewelry scholarships! This is a great way to earn money towards your schooling and will save you a lot of money! 
If you have teens or if you are in college, this is definitely something I would look into. 

I was compensated for this review, however these are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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