Take It From Me: Personal Placemats Only $1, Plus 40 Free Prints!

September 12, 2012

Personal Placemats Only $1, Plus 40 Free Prints!

In the summer, while visiting my parents, I was introduced to homemade Play Dough and I have been hooked ever since! My girls absolutely love it plus it lasts FOREVER... okay, not forever, but an extremely long time!
On top of having their very own Play Dough from scratch, they thought it was super cool that they got their own placemat. If only they knew it was really just for protecting my parents kitchen table! Since we were traveling light, we left them both there, so I was estatic to find out that you can make your own personalized placemats! How cool is this?!

Right now, you can order your very own personal placemat for only $1. Yup that's right, only a dollar!

Plus, if you are new to York Photo which I am, you'll get 40 Free Photos!


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