Take It From Me: Love is a Superpower REVIEW

September 24, 2012

Love is a Superpower REVIEW

Not only do I know that Love is definitely a superpower, but music can be a day changer!  You ever just wake up with the grumps?  That's how my day was going.  I woke up grumpy, wasn't feeling very well, and to top things off everything seemed to be going wrong.  I reached a breaking point when I went to vacuum up some food my son had spilled and the contents of my vacuum went out everywhere because somehow the bucket wasn't locked into place.  Ugh!  I just wanted to scream.  After getting things situated, I was still fuming but knew I needed to do something else to occupy by frustrations.  I decided to pull out the Ben Rudnick & Friends CD I needed to review and popped it in.  Oh how music can change things!  Listening to his new album, Love is a Superpower brought a whole new outlook to my day.  I felt happier, refreshed, and ready to go just from the hearing the uplifting songs.  It was amazing!
Set to release on October 2nd, the Love is a Superpower album "blends the vivacious spontaneity and ebullient creativity of the band's live shows with the intricately layered textures that are possible in a highly crafted studio recording.  Add stellar contributions from guest artists like Antiguan master bassist M'talewa Thomas (Entrain, Greatful Dread), fiddler Kenny Kosek (James Taylor, Jerry Garcia, Willie Nelson), trombonist Jon Garniss (Tony Bennett, Rosemary Clooney, The Four Tops), trumpet player Rick Hammett (Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, The Temptations), and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Bird (Cowboy Junkies) to the mix, and you have one remarkable CD with such sophisticated underpinning that repeat listening becomes an adventure.

Ben Rudnick & Friends take pleasure in introducing kids and families to music that reflects the many hues of our cultural fabric.  On Love is a Superpower can be found music inspired by classic performances of '70s soul and funk, The Beatles, The Allman Brothers, T. Rex, and The Grateful Dead, paired with an intelligent retrospective of earlier, thoroughly American musical styles that include traditional bluegrass and country and a particularly authentic salute to Bob Wills style western swing.  The result: kids and grownups listening, learning, singing, and dancing together, sharing a sense of community fun."

Notes Ben Rudnick, "It's amazing to realize that families are strengthening their bonds while they enjoy our tunes.  Our new album has a loose theme of 'Love'.  What do I want to express?  I wish people would love each other more, trust a bit more, have more confidence and self worth, be generally happy, take care of the world a bit better, get a little silly, and like western swing.  In my twelfth year of making music for families, I feel incredibly fortunate to get to play as many shows for as many people as I do and to have been able to make recordings galore.  I want to be sure to say the things I want to say while I have the chance.   Love is a superpower! Love each other!"
Well Ben, your message was received.  I felt the love and it transformed my day.  I guess it really is a superpower!

Visit  http://benrudnick.com/ for more information on his albums and to pre-order Love is a Superpower
Catch Ben Rudnick & Friends in Concert in the following stops...
October 7 Warner Fall Foliage Festival  Warner, NH
October 20  World Café Live at The Queen  Wilmington, DE
October 21  World Café Live Philadelphia, PA
December 1  Coolidge Corner Theatre  Brookline, MA
December 15  Regent Theatre Arlington, MA
December 28  Port Washington Library  Port Washington, NY

A big THANK YOU to Ben Rudnick & Friends for providing me with a free CD to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


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