Take It From Me: How to find out if your child is bullied (Guest Post)

August 30, 2012

How to find out if your child is bullied (Guest Post)

How to find out if your child is bullied.
Bullying has become extremely common and can make the life of your child miserable. It can seriously affect the emotional health of your children and hinder their mental growth. In some cases, bullying has long term effects on the life of children. This makes it extremely important to deal with bullying firmly. However, the worst thing about bullying is that children do not usually tell their parents when they are being bullied. They are usually ashamed or afraid to admit that they have been the victim of bullying, which can leave you in a tight spot. How can you deal with a problem that your children are too afraid to admit in the first place? The following are tips that will help you to find out if you are child is being bullied:

Sudden dislike of school
If you are child suddenly start showing an unwillingness to attend school, the chances are high that he/she may be a victim of school bullying. Usually, they try to avoid going to school so they do not have to face the bully that is tormenting them. This is understandable as fight-or-flight is a basic human nature and is no different with children. If they are faced with a situation (in this case – the bully) that they are unable to handle and suffer as a result, then they will try to avoid it by running away from it.

If your child has become extremely aggressive towards you and other family members, this may be a sign that your child is being bullied at school. A more disturbing sign may be that your child is exhibiting the signs of being a bully him/herself. This can start from your child starting to tease other kids and if this is the case, you must be extremely concerned for your child. Bullies, themselves are often the victims of bullying. Therefore, when your child is exhibiting a behavior similar to that of a bully, it means that he is being bullied at school and is now taking it out on others from whom he perceives little danger.

Frequent headaches and illnesses
If you child has started suffering from illnesses frequently, it may be a sign that he is mentally depressed because of bullying. This usually starts with frequent bouts of headaches, which usually indicates that your child is going through troubles that he/she is not sharing with you. Before a child starts getting ill or suffering from headaches, he/she usually exhibits other symptoms. These include overeating, difficulty sleeping, or even wetting the bed. You should keep a close eye on the habits of your children. If he/she is showing signs of being emotionally troubled, this is a sure sign that your child may be a victim of bullying.

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