Take It From Me: Coaching Your Child's Soccer Team

August 2, 2012

Coaching Your Child's Soccer Team

As parents we put on a variety of "hats" and play various roles in our lives.  On any given day you can find me in the role of a cook, nurse, chauffeur, and house cleaner.  One role that parents are finding themselves coming into more and more is the role of a coach.
How many times do see parents having to step in and "volunteer" to help coach their kid's sports team?  The fact is the role is more common then you may think and before you know it, you may find yourself  coaching your child's soccer team and running your own soccer practice drills.
Last year I saw my own sister, who grew up playing soccer, step into the role of coach for her son's soccer team.  It was definitely something she had never done before.  She confessed at how stressed she was about the task at first, but was learning more and more as time went on.  Running soccer practice drills, getting the kids to play and have fun, and organizing everything was a lot of work.  But whether you are a first-time coach or been coaching for years, it is important to have the right tools to help coach your team.
Managing your team, prepping for practice, coming up with drills, plays, and more can be an overwhelming task.  You may be surprised to find that thanks to the creative and innovative technology-driven age we live in, people have actually come up with computer programs, software, and more to assist coaches manage these tasks.  From making team rosters, to developing/customized practice drills and comprehensive playbooks, to tracking team performance and development, programs are out there which can help you to become more effective and more successful coaches.  These tools make coaching a lot easier and convenient for coaches and are definitely useful to have!
So, if you do find yourself "helping out" your child's soccer team, make sure you have the right tools to back you up!
This is a sponsored post for Total Coach, however, all the points and views are completely my own.


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