Take It From Me: A few tips before heading to Car Dealerships

August 24, 2012

A few tips before heading to Car Dealerships

After 5 years and 3 kids, my husband and I finally decided to become a 2-car family and get a minivan.  When we first started looking at car dealerships in Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico, I was overwhelmed with the options.  Spending hours and hours online looking through minivans was exhausting and I knew I had to come up with a better plan of attack.  So here is what I did...
1. Determine what you are looking for in a Car
- I knew there were a few key features that I absolutely wanted in my new car.  Things like power sliding doors, second row windows that rolled down, and a preference of leather seats.  Although sometimes exceptions can be made these things were all features that I really wanted in my minivan.
2. Decide on which model(s) you are interested in
-While browsing minivans, I first started off with one particular make and model in mind.  However, after looking through others I added a few more options to my list.  It was nice expanding my options a little and not being so closed-minded to other options.  As long as they had the features I was looking for and looked appealing, I wasn't against adding them in the mix.
3. Research, Research, Research
- I cannot say it enough...researching is the way to go!  Putting the time into finding out about things before you step into the ring, will help you come out a better victor!  I looked up specific details about the makes and models I was interested in.  From safety and performance ratings to details on the different generations (model upgrades that came out in different years), looking up the info made me so much more informed and educated on my future purchase.  (Kelly Blue Book is a great reference for pricing!)
*Here is a quick tid bit. I found out that some of the brand new 2013 models were actually the same exact cars that were released back in 2008. Just because the year is different, doesn't mean you are getting a different car. Buying older cars will save you tons of money as long as you can find a decent mileage!
4. Stick to a Budget
- My husband and I knew what we could afford and were sticking to our budget!  Car dealers can be very tricky when it comes to making deals, so having a firm budget in mind will help you from over spending.
5.  Compare and Narrow Down Your Search
- Make a list of the cars you are most interested in and go check them out.
6. Be Prepared to Haggle
- When you come into a situation with knowledge and the power to haggle, you are bound to get a great deal.  I was able to talk the dealer down $9,000 from the SALE price of our van.  I knew what the value of the minivan was, I had a strict budget, and I wasn't going to budge.  We ended up with the best Dodge Grand Caravan of our dreams!  Fully loaded with awesome features, super low mileage (less than 30,000), one owner (an older couple who kept it in pristine condition), and an amazing price!  Seriously one of the best purchases ever!
These are just a few suggestions that I found helpful in my search.  Let me know if you have some tips or suggestions of your own!  Hopefully we can help others out in their car purchasing endeavors!
This is a sponsored post for Valley Dodge Chrysler, however, all the
points and views are my own. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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