Take It From Me: RedLaser: A Secret Weapon For The Smart Shopper (Review)

July 20, 2012

RedLaser: A Secret Weapon For The Smart Shopper (Review)

Sometimes I feel the need to hide the fact that I love to shop, but is it really a secret?
No. If you ask my husband, he'll just give you the look while asking, "is this some kind of trick question?" 

Although I love to shop, sometimes it can be a little chaotic with three kids. Who knew, right? So when I need to save some time, money, and simply my sanity, I've found myself using this new app from RedLaser.

RedLaser is a free app available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows phones and is perfect for any busy mom. It scans and searches for products using their bar code and compares the prices online, or at your local stores.
Not long ago, my brother told me about a fun family game, Monopoly Deal. Not living anywhere close to him, I went around on my own, searching for this game. The prices at the stores ranged from $5-$10. Had I known about RedLaser, I could have saved some time and money searching for it.
This app is very easy to use. It took me a few minutes to download the app and seconds to scan my Monopoly Deal bar code. My online option that I choose was Target. I can purchase it straight from my phone using PayPal mobile express checkout or I can pick it up instore.

Need to find a last-minute gift? Check out this video!
Other neat things about RedLaser
1. If your kids have allergies, you can scan food products to find out the allergens and ingredients.
2. You can create shopping lists, birthday lists, wish lists and share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS!

A big THANK YOU to RedLaser for allowing me to review their RedLaser App. This is a sponsored post by SheSpeaks/RedLaser. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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