Take It From Me: Coquette Bath Review & Discount Code

July 28, 2012

Coquette Bath Review & Discount Code

I am always looking for new lip balms to try, it is a secret obsession I have, so when I found Coquette Bath I was very excited by the variety and quality of their lip balms. I was also VERY happy to be able to review their lip balm! They have over 20 different flavors all featuring the finest ingredients.  “Super creamy Kiss™ lip balm is packed with moisturizing goodness, including shea oil, sweet almond butter, Vitamin E and castor oil. It glides on with a delicious flavor that you can taste and moisturizes dry lips into luscious puckers!”
I tried the Strawberry, Coconut Peach and Frostbite lip balms. I loved the mix of fruity and creamy in the Coconut Peach and the tangy-ness of the Strawberry. The Frostbite was very minty and cold on my lips! This lip balm has a great smell and natural feel. "If you've tried balms that were sticky or lumpy or bumpy, you won't find that here! Mine are utterly smooth with a texture akin to famous maker products". This is definitely a true statement.
Coquette Bath not only sells lip balm, they have many other fantastic products including soap, perfume, lotions and more! The shop owner states, "Everything in my shop is ready to ship! Carefully crafted original recipes, handmade quality, if I won't use it for my family, I won't sell it to you and yours. I use only the highest quality ingredients and work with small batches for quality control and freshness. You will love my products! I've been crafting the finest since 2001."
After the lip balm my next favorite product would have to be there original soaps. f you love good soap, soap that respects your skin and won't rob it of every drop of moisture, you also need to try CoquetteBath's soaps. Seriously lovely fragrances and unlike some sellers on Etsy (who just buy a log of already made soap elsewhere and slice it and label it and then promote it their own), Cari of CoquetteBath artfully creates her soaps, herself.

Coquette Bath has generously offered a discount of 15% to all our readers, just use the special discount code "takecoquette" when you check out. The discount code expires on Dec. 31st 2012. Make sure to take advantage of this great deal!

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