Take It From Me: Dear Busy Busy World, LET ME PLAY (Peekaboo Beans Play Revolution)

June 9, 2012

Dear Busy Busy World, LET ME PLAY (Peekaboo Beans Play Revolution)

 I Need You To Let Me PLAY
When my kids have the choice, they'll choose the park over pretty much anything, even ice cream!

The Play Revolution is a campaign about spreading awareness about unstructured play. I found this to be extremely interesting and loved watching this video created by Peekaboo Beans, a Vancouver-based playwear company. They believe that kids need to spend more time being kids.

"In a recent 2011 report card by Active Health kids Canada, Canadian children were given an F for Active Play. Children today are playing less than previous generations, and parents often choose recreational and sports activities over free play. Peekaboo Beans is launching the Play Revolution to raise awareness and educate parents on the importance of play."

"As our children spend more and more time indoors, and more time in organized sports and activities, we at Peekaboo Beans are reminding everyone to get outdoors and play! We believe in the value of play, and we believe that our children are losing such a vital and integral part of their childhood when they are denied unstructured play. Please join us in our Play Revolution!

Peekaboo Beans is empowering its Play Stylists through a new partnership with Playground Builders. For every $1 in sales donated by a Stylist, Peekaboo Beans will match the contribution and donate it to Playground Builders. Every dollar donated goes directly to building playgrounds.

For more information on the Play Revolution, and to find out how you can donate to our Play it Forward Fundraising Campaign visit www.peekaboobeans.com/playrevolution

About Playground Builders

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This is a post to coordinate with an upcoming review for Peekaboo Beans.  These are my ideas and honest opinions.  Your experience may vary.

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