Take It From Me: Welcome Wednesday 5/9-5/15

May 8, 2012

Welcome Wednesday 5/9-5/15

Welcome Wednesday is now open ALL week and will start NEW every Wednesday!
Welcome to the "Welcome Wednesday" blog hop, hosted by Take It From Me, Happy Hour Projects, and Making Memories with the McClellen FamilyWelcome Wednesday is a great way to meet new people and learn new things as well as increase your blog followers! So let's have some fun!!
If you want to be a part of Welcome Wednesday, just follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Follow us via Google Friend Connect, Google+, LinkyFollowers, Facebook or Twitter, as well as the Spotlighted Blog of the Week!
2. Link up your blog name and URL with our Linky. (You only need to add your info once for it will be seen on all the blog hops)
3. Grab our Welcome Wednesday button and include it in a post about the event on your blog.
4. Go to as many blogs on the MckLinky as you want and Follow them. Be sure to tell them you are from Welcome Wednesday!
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------This Weeks Blog Spotlight----
Shatzi from Love and Laundry writes: "Hi! My name is Shatzi. I know...you're wondering how to pronounce it. I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with Yahtzee! My name is a German word meaning sweetheart or treasure (although it's not spelled the same as the German's spell it). Okay, now that you know about my name, let me tell you about the rest of me! I am a mom of three awesome kiddos. Arguable the three awesome-est in existence. I'm super lucky and get to stay home with them full time.I love to do and try almost anything. The internet is my teacher and I am always trying to figure out new things. Since my "job" is being a mom, most things I try to involve my kids with. So....welcome to my blogging adventures! You'll find that I am a little bit good at a lot of things, and there is always something new going on in our corner of the world."

What's neat about our Blog Hop:
-Put the same linky list code on your blog and you'll have the exact same list!
- Your blog visitors can add their blog to your list and it will show up on Everyones lists!
**Leave a comment with your blog address if you are new to our hop so we can follow you back**


  1. Look forward to hopping - have a great week and thanks for hosting.

  2. THANK YOU for the feature!!! You are AWESOME!!!! =)

  3. I hope you allow cranky old men to join.

  4. Thanks for hosting, I am a new follower, http://momisblessed.blogspot.com/
    Hope you can drop in, say Hi and follow back.
    Have a blessed day.


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