Take It From Me: Thumbuddy Review & Mompact Prize Pack GIVEAWAY

May 31, 2012

Thumbuddy Review & Mompact Prize Pack GIVEAWAY

Do you have a child who sucks their thumb or is attached to their binky and would love a positive teaching tool to help them stop?  Thumbuddy to Love, which was awarded PTPA Award and Mom’s Choice Award, has two great options available for you!
The Thumbuddy to Love thumb sucking packages, Fireman Fred (for boys) and Ballerina Sue (for girls), contain a storybook and thumb puppet to help teach children to stop sucking their thumbs or fingers!  Parents can use the storybook to teach children to stop sucking their thumbs or fingers, as it comes with a weekly success calendar and stickers for your kids to track their progress.  The thumb puppet can be used as a "hands on" approach to stopping the thumb sucking, as you can encourage your child to wear it on their thumb anytime they like, including the most common thumb sucking time--bed time.  Thumbuddy to Love is meant for 3 to 6 year olds.
And, if you have a pacifier sucker, Thumbuddy to Love also has The Binky Fairy.  Just like the Thumbuddy to Love thumb sucking products, the Binky Fairy is designed to help pacifier suckers let go of their binky without all the fuss.   The Binky Fairy comes with the storybook and puppet which can be used for both boys and girls.  It is for ages 2-5.
I recently had the opportunity to review a Binky Fairy Thumbuddy to Love through a Mompact.com campaign.  I just love that this product was was invented by moms, for moms!  Most parents are aware that both Pediatricians and Dentists agree that prolonged pacifier and thumb sucking can affect a child's teeth.  In order to avoid seriously problems, parents have to make sure the habits are stopped at the appropriate time.  It was difficult getting my oldest daughter to give up her binkies when she was younger.  I definitely could have used a Binky Fairy to help!  Reading the Binky Fairy book and teaching my kids about the Binky Fairy, confirms how great it really is!
Some great key Features about Thumbuddy to Love products are:
- They are positive teaching tools for both parents & kids
- No harsh chemicals are used
(unlike most anti-thumb sucking products)
-  Makes kicking thumb & pacifier sucking problems fun
- They are easy to use & kid-friendly
A BIG THANK YOU to Mompact.com for sending me a free Thumbuddy to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


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