Take It From Me: Some of my Favorite Family Memories are Football Games

May 24, 2012

Some of my Favorite Family Memories are Football Games

I have been going to football games with my family ever since I can remember...in fact even as a baby I was probably toted to many of which I cannot even recall.  Some of my favorite family memories are football games!  My family has a unique strong bond over football and there was nothing quite better than seeing a BYU vs. Utes football game up close and personal at the stadium!  The roar of the crowd, the glistening green football field, and the sea of cougar blue and ute red splashed in every direction were all things definitely worth experiencing in the flesh! 
The thing is, I love the fact that my football-loving dad took it upon himself to start a family tradition of going to the games together and having such a fun activity which the entire family could enjoy and take part in!  Yes, I may have been one of the only girls I knew to have a post of each season's team strung across the top of my bed with completed signatures.  And yes, I may have had this crazy love for football instilled in me from the beginning of my existence.  But I do not regret that for a minute!  What is more "American" or more "wholesome" than a good 'ol fashion football game anyway?!  And now that I am a mom and have kids of my own, you better believe I have followed in my father's footsteps and have continued the football tradition with my little family as well! 
So, have you ever considered making football memories with your family?
This is a sponsored post for Deseret News, however these are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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  1. I absolutely plan on having football memories with my family! I adore football and will hopefully pass my love along to my son and any future children I may have!


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