Take It From Me: WorryWoo Monsters (Review)

April 27, 2012

WorryWoo Monsters (Review)

"The WorryWoo Monsters have set themselves apart as a unique series that bring human emotions to life by personifying feelings as main characters."
We received a WorryWoo Monster "Wince" along with the book to go with him. Reading this book for the first time gave me quite a chuckle because although this book is for my girls, I can really relate to it.

Wince is an adorable character, specifically known as The Monster of Worry.  The story begins with Wince sitting on a park bench thinking about all the things he needs to do.
"He looked at the clock-- it was a quarter past two-- when Wince started to think about ALL he must do." 
As he continues to worry he gets confronted by the WorryBug. As a mom there is just too much to do and not enough time in a day, so I often get overwhelmed and I start to worry about things I need to get done.
 Wince continues to grow and feed off his worries. He tells himself that enough is enough and goes to work. As he keeps himself busy and getting things done his worrying stops and the WorryBug gets smaller and smaller until he disappears.
I absolutely LOVE this book and I think it is just adorable that it comes with a matching stuffed animal. Having the toy while we read this book is so much fun.  The rhyming in this book is quite cute and flows very nicely, making a smooth and easy read. I am very excited to read more WorryWoo books and share these with friends and family!

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A BIG THANKS to WorryWoos for providing me with a product to review. These are my honest opinions, your experience may vary.

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