Take It From Me: Welcome Wednesday 3/21-3/27

March 20, 2012

Welcome Wednesday 3/21-3/27

Welcome Wednesday is now open ALL week and will start NEW every Wednesday!
Welcome to the "Welcome Wednesday" blog hop, hosted by Take It From Me, Happy Hour Projects, and Making Memories with the McClellen FamilyWelcome Wednesday is a great way to meet new people and learn new things as well as increase your blog followers! So let's have some fun!!
If you want to be a part of Welcome Wednesday, just follow these 5 simple steps:
1. Follow us via Google Friend Connect, Google+, LinkyFollowers, Facebook or Twitter, as well as the Spotlighted Blog of the Week!
2. Link up your blog name and URL with our Linky. (You only need to add your info once for it will be seen on all the blog hops)
3. Grab our Welcome Wednesday button and include it in a post about the event on your blog.
4. Go to as many blogs on the MckLinky as you want and Follow them. Be sure to tell them you are from Welcome Wednesday!
5. Be sure to Follow back any followers you have gained from our Welcome Wednesday event!

------This Weeks Blog Spotlight----
Camille from Crazy Mama writes: "I'm Camille, otherwise known as Cee, Cami, Cam, Camilleta, or Crazy Mama. You may have heard that I'm completely insane, and that is true. I am 24, a part time college student, and working on starting up a tie-dye clothing business. I like to travel, watch tv, go online, read, and write. I'm a big-dreamer, a thrill-seeker, and a mood-swinger! I'm addicted to caffeine and sugar. I wear pajamas unless I am going out of the house. The thing I love more than anything in the whole world is spending time with my family!!"

What's neat about our Blog Hop:
-Put the same linky list code on your blog and you'll have the exact same list!
- Your blog visitors can add their blog to your list and it will show up on Everyones lists!
**Leave a comment with your blog address if you are new to our hop so we can follow you back**


  1. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week.

  2. Thanks for hosting, have a great week.

  3. Thank you for hosting this little shindig! It will really help newbies like me!

    I hope I got all the rules right...if I didn't, let me know. I want to do things the right way!!

    Come see me anytime!

    sleeping in an unmade bed

  4. I am new to the bloggy hop world I can be found at www.thebeverlyhillbabies.com just saying hi!

  5. Thanks for hosting! following you on Linky followers!

  6. Thanks for the hop. {New follower} :)
    PS. we had Bobux shoes!! The tan with little flowers...loved em.

  7. Thanks for hosting the hop! I'm following you via Linky Followers too now! Can I just say how much I LOVE that tool?

    I even host a Linky Followers linkup every Thursday through Sunday on my blog, so feel free to stop by and link up if you'd like! I'd love to see you there!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood


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