Take It From Me: Sedatitive Dentistry...A Way To Relax

March 16, 2012

Sedatitive Dentistry...A Way To Relax

I'm sure you've seen at least one funny video online of someone who has just been sedated at the dentist.  The videos are all over the internet and quite honest, hilarious to watch.  The question is...have you ever been sedated at the dentist?
There are many situations where sedative dentistry can come into play. Such things as:
- A way for those who have fear and anxiety to get dental work done-- sedation allows for the patients to relax and have little to no memory of their dental procedures.
- Sedation can be good for people who don't respond well to numbing
- People who are have a large amount of procedures done or who are getting a big procedure done such as removing wisdom teeth
- Children who do not do well at the dentist
If you just want to sit back and relax knowing you will be comfortable for your entire visit, then sedation just might be the way to go!
I got sedated when I got my wisdom teeth out and am so glad I did!  It was a complicated procedure and the dentist had to do a lot of work.  The only way I think I was able to do it was because I was sedated and couldn't feel or remember what happened.  I would also be comfortable sedating my kids if needed, for dental work because I have seen it be very handy for mothers whose kids had horrible experiences at the dentist.  It allowed them to get their dental work done fast, easy, and without the screaming, pain, or emotional anxiety.
So, is sedative dentistry right for you?  Do you have any funny stories?
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