Take It From Me: Mission Tuition

March 6, 2012

Mission Tuition

 As my children are getting older, even though they are still young, they seem to be growing up way too fast! It has crossed my mind several times what the best way would be to start planning for the future of my kids. Their grandparents are very eager to spoil them, and I know that they would like to have a way to support them in the long term in addition to showering them with constant toys, clothes, and other gifts on a regular basis.

Mission Tuition has come up with a great idea to help us prepare for our childrens' future educational needs, it is a totally free, super easy program to sign up for, and an excellent way to save money and set some aside at the same time. I highly recommend checking Mission Tuition out for yourselves, and maybe share it with grandma and grandpa too!
These are my honest opinions, your experience may vary. 

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