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March 25, 2012


As our family is expanding, with the recent addition of a baby boy, we have quickly realized that everything needs to expand around our family. Our three children with their car seats didn't fit in our little compact car anymore, we need at least a 3 bedroom house (preferably 4 bedrooms), and increasing those items obviously requires money. Our credit report has been haunting us in the back of our minds since we got married over four years ago, and haven't really had to worry about it much until now. Unfortunately, financial stability hasn't come our way yet, and we recognize how important it is to maintain a clean report so when the time comes, we won't run into any problems getting the loans we need. To keep tabs on your credit history, there are websites that provide free credit score checks, and it is definitely a good thing to look at since that score is determining what loans you are qualified for.

 My husband is starting dental school this fall, so within the next four years, and especially soon after he finishes school, we will be depending on loans to be able to provide for our family. I am hoping that our credit score will remain stable until that point.

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