Take It From Me: Brighten Up Your Home with Houzz

March 5, 2012

Brighten Up Your Home with Houzz

Come August our family is moving, I am very excited to have a home that I can decorate and make my own. The designers on Houzz's website have some amazing ideas, and I've been so inspired to hopefully start with a clean slate in our new home, or even make whatever I have to work with look beautiful and modern. Up until now I have only been an observer, trying to remember my favorite looks from different people's houses, and imagining what my house will look like someday.

I haven't had the greatest influences (design-wise) from my parents, or from my husband's parents. They somewhat try to be creative, but they just don't have the vision that I have.  For some reason they seem to be so afraid of color, white walls everywhere in the house might be the safest and may look just fine depending on what you accessorize with, but in my opinion there needs to be some contrast and style. Interior designing is so much fun as a stay at home mom, and I look forward to brightening up my childrens' lives by creating some fun, modern spaces for us to enjoy as a family for many years to come.

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