Take It From Me: Valentine Roses: More than Just Red

February 10, 2012

Valentine Roses: More than Just Red

If you haven't gotten your Valentine's Flowers yet, NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO!!  Albuquerque Florist has some amazing Valentine's Day Flowers perfect for the aproaching holiday!
I recently received a beautiful aragement of different colored roses from Albuquerque Florist.  The boquet is gorgeous! Not only are the colors stunning, but each color of flower has a meaning behind it. 
Check out all the different floral colors and their meanings:
Pink - Beauty, Sweet thoughts
Bright Pink - Admiration
Light Pink - Joy and Grace
Lavender - Enchantment. Love at first sight
Purple - Enchantment
Dark Purple - Majesty
Blue - Mystery
White - Innocence
Yellow - Friendship. New beginnings
Peach - cheer
Orange - fascination, desire
Red -  Love and romance
Dark red - passion. commitment
There are also other floral meanings such as Long-stems representing deep and lasting love and buds representing innocent love!
Some boquet meanings you may also be familiar with are:
Single (red) rose -  I love you
2 roses - mutual move, we are meant for each other
6 - infatuation
9 - eternal love
12 - Be mine
13 roses - from a secret admirer
SO--use these guides and create the ultimate boquet for your loved one this Valentine's Day!
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