Take It From Me: Green Works Cleaning Products REVIEW

February 6, 2012

Green Works Cleaning Products REVIEW

Something I've noticed as a mom and caretaker of my home is that a clean house is a happy house!  So if you are looking for a safe, effective, eco-friendly, and easy way to help keep your house clean try Green Works cleaning products!
Green Works is the "line of naturally derived cleaning products brought to you by the people who invented clean: Clorox. Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds — extraordinary cleaning power without harsh chemical fumes or residue."
I had the wonderful opportunity of sampling some products from the Green Works line.  I was completely surprised and pleased with all the products and the effective cleaning power of all the products.  Take a look at the products I got and my experiences with each of them:
Nothing beats grabing a moist Green Works Cleaning Wipe for those fast clean ups!  These are probably my most favorite cleaning products because they are convenient, versatile, and get the job done!  Whether you are in a hurry to tidy up for a last minute guest or are looking for some easy cleaning after a pro-longed stay from some company, the wipes are easy to use and with Green Works, 100% compostable!
As a mom, it feels like the piles of laundry never end!  Luckily with the dermatologist-tested formula of Green Works Laundry Detergent, not only is is gentle on your skin, but your clothes stay fresh and clean...load, after load, after load, after load!
My least favorite place to clean is the bathroom!  Yuck!  Not only do I hate all the gross germs, but being confined to some of those small bathroom spaces can leave you gasping for fresh air.  The Green Works Bathroom Cleaner is a non-toxic way to power through soap scum, rust and hard water stains — without harsh chemical fumes and residue.
I have to say that my other favorite cleaning product in this bunch was the Green Works All Purpose Cleaner!  You can seriously use it just about anywere-- in your kitchen, bathroom, etc.  The safe and effective formula is suitable for multiple areas around the home including counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets.
All in all, if you happen to be looking for an affordable and natural option for cleaning--I suggest Green Works products which are formulated using plant- and mineral-based biodegradable cleaning ingredients, packaged in bottles that can be recycled, and never tested on animals! 
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I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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