Take It From Me: BabyGiraffe REVIEW

February 23, 2012

BabyGiraffe REVIEW

Sometimes the most simple products can be the most useful.  The BabyGiraffe may seem small and simple, but when it comes to uses, it is almost like having a third helping hand--and what mom wouldn't want one of those!!
The BabyGiraffe is a great companion for your baby and gives mommies a little extra freedom while keeping baby entertained!
I got the chance to try out a BabyGiraffe for myself and can't believe how much it has come in handy!  My baby is 7 months old and I have found so many great uses for the product and its 4 awesome attachments--the sun shade, toy loop, bottle holder, and safety mirror!  For instance, my daughter loves to play with toys and I usually just stick a few in her car seat when we take off.  A lot of the times the toys end up on the floor or getting lodged around her where she can't enjoy them.  With the BabyGiraffe, you can clip the toy onto it and place it just where your baby wants so they can get lots of play out of it.  I also have found that my baby has a hard time with the sun getting in her eyes on car trips.  The BabyGiraffe Sun Shade allows you to position the shade right where you want it to block out those bright rays!  Another great use is for assisted feedings.  Got a baby who needs some help holding their bottle?  Using the bottle holder on the BabyGiraffe, you can position it to help your baby enjoy their feeding and without you having to hold the bottle the entire time.  I also take our kids out a lot in our double stroller and have used the BabyGiraffe Safety Mirror to keep an eye on my baby from behind and make sure she is happy and safe in our stroller adventures. 
So as you can see, this simple BabyGiraffe product and all of its cooresponding attachments have proven to be versatile, helpful, and a great assistance to my mommy needs!
• Attaches securely to almost any stroller, car seat, high chair, bassinet or crib.
• Can be positioned in any direction.
• Compact and portable; easily fits into diaper bag.
• Lightweight yet durable; made strong to last.
• Super-soft, easy-to-clean cover.
• Adheres to strictest safety standards.

A big THANK YOU to BabyGiraffe for providing me with their product.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. This is a cute and clever product! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, get out of town! That is too cute! How do we all not think of these things? Brilliant!

    Happy seeing beautiful!


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